Here is what happened…

Foush and Selway- Mex

On Saturday, August 31, 2013 Matt was in an accident. He was on a surf trip in Mexico with his close friends and was hit by a truck while running across the street. It was a very serious accident as the truck was traveling 50-60 mph when Matt was hit. He was rushed to the emergency room in Mexico and soon after was transported by ambulance to UCSD Hillcrest Trauma Center in San Diego, CA. That is where he remains. He is currently in ICU surrounded by his closest family and friends.

Matt has sustained many injuries in his accident and he needs all of our prayers. His injuries include broken femurs which were successfully operated on and are healing nicely. He has many other broken bones including 8 ribs, collar bone, broken jaw and a punctured lung which is being treated for a pneumonia infection that developed. The injury that has the doctors most concerned is a skull fracture and head injury which are causing swelling in Matt’s brain. The swelling seems to be unstable, fluctuating throughout the days.

We ALL remain positive and hopeful for his recovery. His closest friends and family surround him daily holding his hands, rubbing his arms and talking to him about how strong he is and encouraging him to rest and allow his body to recover.

Since his accident Matt has remained unresponsive when the doctors have attempted to wake him. There are many uncertainties and many variables with Matt’s condition. Matt needs all of our thoughts and prayers.  Thanks to everyone who is keeping Matt in their thoughts!

Matt - Mex

Matt- Doing what he loves most!

One thought on “Here is what happened…

  1. Keep fighting Matt! My prayers are with you!
    Love, Candace

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