Update: The MRI

On Monday, September 9th Matt received an MRI of his brain. This was a much anticipated scan. The MRI was to give doctors an idea of the condition of Matt’s brain. This procedure was delayed many times since his initial injury due to the instability of the swelling in his brain.


Every time they would lie him down his brain swelling would increase to unsafe levels. The pressure in his head was monitored by a bolt that had been inserted into his skull and the doctors said the pressure (ICP Level) ideally needed to stay below 20. The MRI would take approximately an hour and over the course of the week it had not been possible to lie him down for that length of time because the ICP levels would go up too high.

Finally on Monday, September 9th the doctors were adamant about getting the MRI done. After a week of Matt being in the hospital with very few changes and little improvement to his condition it became increasingly important to do the MRI so the doctors would know how to further treat his condition.

The MRI was done in the evening on Monday the 9th and the long wait began for family and friends to receive the results. The MRI itself was very traumatic for Matt. The scan which usually takes about an hour took over three hours for him. His fever spiked to 106 and his ICP (swelling pressure) numbers spiked to over 40 that night. The family was notified they would be given results in the morning on Tuesday the 10th. It was a brutally long wait for everyone as the results were not given until quite late in the evening on Tuesday.

The MRI shows that Matt has a Brain Shearing Injury in multiple parts of his brain. This diagnosis leaves more questions than answers about his condition. It is impossible to know exactly what these damages to his brain will affect, such as speech, motor skills, etc until Matt wakes up and demonstrates to us how his body and mind are reacting. Time will show us how he will heal.

The doctor said Matt has a long road of recovery ahead of him. Eventually he will be moved to a rehabilitation facility where specialists will work with him to maximize his recovery.

Matt is starting to show signs that he is responding to voices of visitors in his room. He is fluttering his eyelids and moving his feet in response to being touched or spoken to. This week Matt will receive a tracheotomy for his oxygen and his feeding tube will be placed in his abdomen so the tubes will be removed from his mouth. This will allow the doctors to work on his broken jaw if necessary.

Anyone who knows Matt knows that he is a remarkable human being and is so talented at everything he does. It would be just his style to show us all a recovery as remarkable as he is. There are still many unknowns and many variables. Everyone surrounding Matt is hoping for and expecting the best. Please keep the positive thoughts, love, energy, healing thoughts and prayer heading in his direction. He will need the support of his friends and family so much as more information about his condition is revealed.

6 thoughts on “Update: The MRI

  1. Dear Foushee Family,
    My family is all praying for Matt, he is like another member of our family. We love him so much. Thank you for keeping us up to date. He has the most wonderful sprit and personality, if anyone can recover from this it is Matt, gam ganapataye namo namah, miracles happen everyday. Obstacles can be overcome. LOVE Somer Selway

  2. Hey guys –

    Foush is in the hearts, minds and prayers of all of my family. Like the Selways… you are all family to us as well. Matt is a life long friend. His spirit, lives in everyone who has ever been lucky enough to hang out with him. I consider myself a very lucky human to have been able to share som many wonderful memories with Matt – and family. Love him and you all very much!

  3. I am sad to hear the news about you Matt. I hope for a full recovery, with prayer, anything is possible. I believe it and look forward to hearing about the recovery. I remember us as friends as far back as our elementary school days at Newhart!.

  4. Sweet Matt has been a light in our lives and we are lucky to know him for many years. He is incredibly handsome but always humble. Just know that I have hundreds of people praying for Matt each day and I also pray for his recovery each day. I look forward to a visit to Matt soon when I return. Much love and concern are with Matt and his family at this time. Kathy S.

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