Eyes Opened!

Photo taken Saturday, 9/14/13

Photo taken Saturday, 9/14/13

The past few days Matt has made some great progress.  He opened his eyes on Sunday and again three times today, for a few seconds.  He will be having surgery on his broken jaw tomorrow evening.  Also, great news, Matt has been breathing on his own without a respirator!  As always, the positive thoughts and prayers are much appreciated, please keep them coming!

5 thoughts on “Eyes Opened!

  1. Matt, you have been such a great example of what a great person should be. I have know you only through my older sister and friends through the years but what a wonderful person you are! I pray and have our family pray for your recovery and great healing in the days to come. You have such a great support team behind you, such great family and friends and faith…you will be healed 110%. Everyone is behind you Matt ❤ Nisha

  2. Im blown away how God is showing the power of prayers and hope. This is so incredible. I believe we are all witnessing a maricle. I know Matt will overcome this.

  3. Eyes are the window to the soul, his soul is alive…. His spirt vivacious….

  4. MATT, You are so stong and such a fighter. All of my prayers and thoughts are for you and your strong family. Stay strong and keep sending us the good news!
    Love, Candace

  5. I got to spend two hours with Matt tonight, I sang to him, read him some yogi quotes and played him my fav.yoga songs, Pinback ( which always reminds me of matt) and bob marley. Ryan called and I put him on the speaker and he talked to him for a little bit, I asked Ryan what his favorite band was and he said he like modest mouse, I then played him the modest mouse song ocean salty…. It was a nice time to spend with him…. He is getting stronger every day…. Thank you to his family for their unwavering optimism and courage. Love u!

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