A purposeful squeeze of the hand!

Today Matt had quite a breakthrough!

Matt holding his mom's hand!

Matt holding his mom’s hand!

Today Matt began squeezing his mom Debbie’s hand in a purposeful way and on demand!  Debbie put Matt’s sister Ashlee on her speakerphone and told him it was his little sister.  They told him if he KNEW it was his sister to squeeze Debbie’s hand as hard as he could and he did!  Ashlee also told him to move his head if he knew he was talking to his sister and he moved his head in response.

These are all steps toward his healing and gives us a little glimpse that our Matt is really in there, he is now finally starting to show us!

Everyone’s thoughts and prayers are being answered!  Keep them coming!

6 thoughts on “A purposeful squeeze of the hand!

  1. This is such great news, i’ve been praying fervently!!! So glad he is showing progress and promise…xo

  2. So Amazing! ALL our prayers will keeping coming for a Full & Safe Recovery!!

  3. This is great news!!! I dont know Matt personally, but know of him through Candance and Joselyn, who he went to hight school with him .

    I have kept him and his family in my prayers.
    I’m pretty sure he will not stop amaizing us with his fast recovery!!!!

  4. Matt I admire your strength and courage, I know at the moment you’re not completely healed but it won’t be for long I have faith that you’ll be better soon. You have a lot of people praying very hard for you, for now rest and recover .You’re surrounded by caring thoughts ,I’m sending you tons of well wishes for your fast and full recovery. Missing you here at work and we need you back, we love you!!

  5. Foush… Miss you man…You are in my thoughts all day long. You are so strong man I know you are working hard.. Love you buddy.. Birthday coming up… Love ya

  6. Hi Matty…just logged on to write you something because you are constantly in my thoughts…all day…every day! Then I see Ryan just posted so I think it was meant to be that I write after he did. Maybe it’s because it’s Bruce’s bday today that we both felt compelled to write? I was listening to E Street radio and heard several songs today that reminded me of you, especially 10th Ave. & BobbyJean. Since your accident , your recovery is the last prayer I say at night and the first prayer I say when I awake. As I told your Mom, you are part of my family as Ryan is a part of yours! I hope you know how special you are to me…I love your sweet heart and that big, beautiful smile of yours… I’m praying so hard that one day very soon, we all get to see it again! As Ryan said, I know you’re working hard! I will see you soon…love you so much!!

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