Best Hugs Ever

Yesterday Matt’s sister Ashlee paid him a visit and this precious moment was captured of Matt giving her a hug.

HugsAshlee would ask Matt for a hug and he would wrap his arm around her and even rubbed her back a little bit.  It was amazing and touching see! He gave lots of hugs that day.

This past week Matt’s mom Debbie asked a friend to bring some surf wax for him to smell, as it has a pleasant scent and she thought it would stimulate his brain with some good memories.  Matt’s body has been very active and the first few times they held the wax to his nose he would relax his body and you could see him breathing in the scent.  Yesterday Matt’s friend put the surf wax into Matt’s hand and he seemed to LOVE it!  He repeatedly put the wax to his nose, all on his own, to smell it and when he would drop it his hand would search all over his bed to find it again.

Matt couldn't get enough of his sweet smelling surf wax.

Matt couldn’t get enough of his sweet smelling surf wax.

Another friend of Matt’s made him a massage oil and visitors have been using it to rub his arms and feet.  Matt’s family is so thankful to everyone who has been spending time with him in the hospital.  The visitors and kind deeds are noticed and so appreciated. He is very active, often agitated, moving his body and pulling at his clothing neck brace and trach tube, it has been really helpful to have visitors there to keep an eye on him.

Find below a link to the “Rancho Scale” which is used for people with a “Traumatic Brain Injury” like Matt’s.  It is helpful for his friends, family and visitors to read it to understand the recovery process.

Keep that love, prayer and positive thought coming, Matt needs it and he is receiving it!  Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Best Hugs Ever

  1. So many prayers coming & continuing!


  3. My thoughts and prayers go out to Matt for a full recovery. Having worked with a local organization called HBIC Help for Brain Injured Children, I know first hand how important it is for Matt to get stimulation through physical contact and family and friends. My heart goes out to Matt’s family and his good friend Ryan as they work to restore Matt’s memory and motor skills.

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