Yoga Matt- Makin a Comeback

Friends were in to visit with Matt this week and captured a few pictures of him making some more great progress.  He started grabbing his left leg and pulling it up to his chest and stretching it.

Matt doing his modified version of Wind Removing Pose.

Matt doing his modified version of Wind Removing Pose.

As we all know, one of Matt’s greatest passions is practicing Bikram Yoga.  In Bikram Yoga there is a pose called “Wind Removing Pose” or in Sanskrit, Pavanamuktasana.


This is an example of what Wind Removing Pose (Pavanamuktasana) looks like.

Hopefully Matt will continue doing his modified “bed yoga” and get himself some strength back, helping him to keep progressing in leaps and bounds.

One other surprise was that Matt has been showing some smiles.  One of his friends snapped a picture at the tail end of a big smile he was showing everyone in the room.  If you catch him at the right moment, he has been doing a few more subtle, small smiles as well.


Keep smiling Matt!

Another new update is that Matt now has a full-time attendant with him in his room.  He is becoming so active and strong, he needs someone to keep an eye on him as it seems he could almost pull himself out of his bed if he wanted to.  He still is quite agitated much of the time and uncomfortable in his neck brace and various devices.  The agitation is difficult for friends and family to observe, but it is all part of the brain recovery process.  Knowing Matt’s personality, he will use his discomfort and agitation to fuel his drive to get out of that bed and get better.  It has been so helpful that he has been getting regular visitors to help make him as comfortable as possible and to help stimulate his brain.

Matt is progressing very quickly right now and we hope to have more information soon as to what the next steps will be for his recovery.  He still receives physical therapy daily and has occasionally been able to give a slow but deliberate high five to the physical therapist.  When he hasn’t been up to giving a high five he has shown a thumbs up.  As of right now the left side of his body is showing the biggest signs of improvement and mobility.  His right side will likely be soon to follow!

Thanks for all of the support everyone has been offering!  Matt and his family appreciate it!

2 thoughts on “Yoga Matt- Makin a Comeback

  1. My husband Chico and I just heard of Matts accident last Friday. We’re pretty regular Santa Monica Seafood customers and always ask for Matt. We went about 3 weeks ago and were told he had gone to Mexico to surf, and this last Friday we were told of his accident. We’re so encouraged to see the progress he’s made, just the short time we’ve come to know Matt, he has such a strong spirit and beautiful smile! Love and prayers sent his way, can’t wait to see his big beautiful smile! Trixie and CHico NIsperos

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