Funds For Foush!

Matt and his family need our help!

Matt with his sister, Ashlee and his mom Debbie

Matt with his mom Debbie and sister Ashlee

Visit his new fund-raiser pager here.  Or you can use this link:

Since the accident Matt’s friends and family have rallied around him offering positive encouragement and support in many ways.  Matt and his family now need our help financially as well.  He is making so much amazing progress already, moving his arm and leg and getting more and more control of his body.  He is really recognizing people and giving hugs, showing thumbs up, smiling and finding ways to communicate.  Very soon he will be ready to begin the next phase of his recovery which will include all types of rehabilitation and therapy.  Matt’s insurance will not cover much of the costs and it’s going to be very expensive.

Please help by continuing to offer your thoughts and prayers and by helping forward his fund-raiser page via email and Facebook.  As always, his family expresses a great deal of gratitude for all forms of support!



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