The Healer

Matt has two Ryans in his life.  Ryan Selway and Ryan Aguilar.  Matt, Ryan and Ryan were like the Three Musketeers growing up together.  The three of them being the best of friends.  In high school they were inseparable, spending every moment possible together.  They even moved out together after high school into their first apartment in San Clemente which they nicknamed “The Projects”.

Senior Prom, 1997

Senior Prom, 1997
From left to right, Brian Karpowitz (Bribo), Foush, Selway, Aguilar

Matt, Ryan and Ryan are big on nicknames.  They have a name for just about everything, and everyone.  They of course had to give the two Ryan’s nicknames to differentiate between the two.  Ryan Selway was “Selway” or Bow Wow. They called Ryan Aguilar- “Aguilar”, Ags, and Slaggy.  Matt was “Foush” or Funk Master Foush by day, and by night he morphed into T-Rex or The Grab.  (don’t ask!!)

High School Days 2

Matt and Selway were together on a surf trip when Matt was hit by the truck.  Selway actually witnessed the accident, he was standing only a few feet away.

Selway and Matt together right before the accident.

Selway and Matt surfing together right before the accident.

Selway has a unique story that needs to be told.

A few days after their trip to Mexico, after Matt’s accident, Ryan Selway returned to work at his truck dealership in Fontana.  A customer came in and for their transaction Selway requested some paperwork the man wasn’t able to provide.  When questioned as to why he wasn’t able to provide it, the man started telling Selway it was because a while back he had been in a coma for several weeks after a head injury.  The man told him the story of how it happened and how he woke up.

Selway thought this was quite a coincidence and mentioned to the man that his friend Matt was just in an accident and also in a coma.  He showed the man a picture of Matt lying in his hospital bed. The man looked very thoughtfully at the picture and said matter-of-factly through a thick Mexican accent, “Your friend is going to be ok.”   The way he said this with such confidence gave Selway a great deal of hope. For some reason it seemed like this stranger knew something about Matt just by looking at the picture.

The man said that Selway needed to talk to his friend, a healer, a man who helped him wake up from his coma.  Selway asked how he had been helped and the man said that he just needed to talk to his friend.  So Selway gave the man his phone number and a short time later his phone rang, it was the healer, Robert. He told Selway he needed to come to his office in Santa Ana and he would help.

About three weeks later Selway made the trip to this man Robert’s office, feeling uncertain, not knowing what to expect.  He told this man the story of how the accident happened and showed him a picture of Matt. Both men were surprised to discover that the healer actually practiced yoga at the same studio as Matt and knew exactly who he was. The coincidence was so great, it almost seemed as if Matt had in some way lead Selway to these men.

He was told that he needed to give Matt 6 drops of 1000 times diluted Arnica Montana. The healer said that Arnica is used for healing the body in its usual dosage but that in a very diluted form it is used for healing the soul, and this was what he felt Matt needed.  He also said that visitors needed to touch Matt in a certain way when they visited, touching his forehead, cheeks, chin, shoulders, arms and so forth, moving down his body on one side and back up the other touching Matt as they spoke to him.  Always staying positive, and speaking about good memories.

Selway brought the drops to Matt’s mom Debbie, not quite knowing how she would react to the story or the “magic potion” he was given to drop into Matt’s mouth.  Debbie was intrigued and couldn’t believe that a random man would walk into Selway’s work in Fontana, just days after Matt’s accident, start talking about how he had been in a coma, put Selway in contact with a healer in Santa Ana, only to find out that the healer knew Matt personally.  Debbie cleared it with Matt’s doctors and she and Selway put the drops inside Matt’s lip on Wednesday October 2nd.

There is no way for anyone to know for sure what forces have been at work here, be it God, or Matt himself.  Possibly some Unknown Force or maybe this was pure coincidence.  That is up to each individual to interpret and decide for himself.  We do know that Matt has had some major breakthroughs in his recovery these past few weeks and whatever the reason everyone is grateful to see this progress.

Please keep the love, thoughts and prayers flowing, it has been amazing to see how many people care for Matt.  He is truly receiving all of your prayers and he is showing this to us every day!

Matt’s Latest Updates:

Some really wonderful news is that Matt was able to get the wires (that were holding his jaw in place from the fractures) removed from his mouth. This must be such a huge relief for him as they were a source of great discomfort to him.

Matt also has developed another infection of some sort.  As we are entering this cold and flu season, it is so important that visitors are mindful of being healthy when they visit and washing and sanitizing hands before touching Matt.

He has had some really great moments this week, occasionally being very alert and aware, having great eye contact, showing recognition, and flashing some more of his beautiful smiles at appropriate times.  This week his friend Megan was visiting him and he pointed to a photograph of the two of them doing yoga together and smiled.  She said to him, “We will have to do that again, give me a thumbs up for a yes…” He responded immediately with a thumbs up!

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3 thoughts on “The Healer

  1. Amazing story! Just AMAZING!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I believe this was not a Coincidence.

    We are not our bodies
    We are not our minds
    We are something Devine…

    It was Devine intervention

  3. Thank You to who ever wrote this beautiful story, brought tears to my eyes.

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