Hang Loose!

Some great moments of Matt this week.

Some great moments of Matt this week.

This week Matt has had some really good days, showing much promise and potential in his recovery.  His friends Megan and Lauren were visiting him along with his Mom, Debbie, and he had a really great night with them. He smiled and showed an “okay” sign, thumbs up and a “hang loose” sign.



If you catch Matt at an alert moment, if you ask him how he is doing he is able to show a thumbs up for “good”, a thumb to the side for “just okay” and thumb down for “not good”.  These are huge steps for Matt as he is showing he is capable and finding ways to communicate.

Matt’s friend Selway was in to visit him this week and actually played a game of catch with him…. no joke!  Matt had a soft squeeze ball he was holding and Selway took it and tossed it into Matt’s hand.  Selway told Matt to toss it back and he did!  They tossed it back and forth about three times.

Matt’s friend Aguilar visited him this weekend and showed him a clip of a surf video and Matt smiled big and flashed him a “hang loose” sign.

Matt’s aunt and uncle said this weekend they saw Matt using his right hand, opening and closing his fingers and lifting and opening his right arm a bit.  This is wonderful news since he has mainly had use and control of only his left arm and leg up until now.

Matt's friend Lauren showing him surf pictures.

Matt’s friend Lauren showing him surf pictures.

Matt has another exciting step coming up on Monday.  He will be receiving a device to help him try to speak.  The Trach tube in Matt’s neck prevents him from being able to speak.  We speak by having air pass from our lungs over our vocal cords to make a sound and the air continues up to our mouth where we use our mouth and tongue to manipulate the sound into words.  The Trach blocks the air from accessing the vocal cords to make sound.

Monday they will put in a speaking valve which will allow air to reach his vocal cords.  They will start him off using this for about an hour at a time to see how he does with it.  It will take some training and practice to learn to speak this way.  Of course everyone is anxious to hear anything Matt has to say.  He has not been able to utter a word since his accident and one can only imagine how frustrating it would be to be unable to communicate for such a long time.

As always, thanks to anyone and everyone who has offered their thoughts and prayers to Matt!

If you have not seen it already, Matt has a fund-raiser page to raise money to help pay for his rehabilitation.  If you are able, please copy and paste Matt’s fund-raiser link (below) and forward it via Facebook, Instagram, twitter and email. This will help so much to spread the word and get him the treatment he needs. Matt needs our help to pay for his mounting medical expenses and rehabilitation.


Thank you, thank you!

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