Miracle Matt

Matt woke up early this morning to work out with the exercise bands his buddy Selway brought for him.

Matt woke up early this morning to work out with the exercise bands his buddy Selway brought for him.

Yesterday was a really special day.

The Three Amigos had a reunion that was nothing short of magical.  Matt’s best friends Selway and Aguilar went to visit him and there were some really emotional moments between the three.  Matt has been able to speak since Tuesday of this week and his friends have been eager to hear him talk.  Timing was not on their side as each time they went to visit Matt was asleep.

Yesterday Matt was awake and when he saw his two friends walk into the room he was overjoyed, eyes welled up with tears, he fought hard to contain himself.  Upon hearing the voice of Matt for the first time since before the accident Selway and Aguilar met him on the same emotional plane.  There were some really meaningful words that were shared between the three, they have a bond that is so special, so unique.  Yesterday was a bitter-sweet culmination of a lifetime of friendship.

Matt’s mom Debbie and other family members were floating on billowy clouds of happiness seeing Matt doing so well. It has been so special to see the faces of his family members light up, eyes overflowing with tears as they watch their son, brother, nephew awaken and talk and show us all the amazing miracle that he is.

Matt was really awake and aware of everything going on around him yesterday.  He was talking a lot, with a much more clear and audible voice.  He was also very, very funny!  He was making a lot of jokes, smiling a lot, reminiscing about “the good old days” and being very witty.  That sweet and special soul we all love and care for is finally emerging once again.

Matt told his friends, “I want to get the F@!K outta here!”  He said that all he thinks about is food and he cannot wait for his bro Aguilar to bring him his favorite smoothie.  His friend Selway reminded him of the surf trip they were planning this upcoming December and Matt said, “But I had to “barney” it and ended up here…”

Matt has been repeating over and over how much he loves his mom and how grateful he is to have her.  He fully knew she had never left his side and kept getting choked up telling his friends how lucky he was.

When asked, he didn’t seem to remember anything about the accident or his surf trip to Mexico.  His long term memory seems really great and his shorter term memory is a little more patchy.  While he was very awake and aware, he would get a little confused every once in a while.  His brain is still healing.  On the Rancho Scale he is considered to be at a level 5 now.

He was able to express that he prefers only a few visitors at a time, he said he gets really overwhelmed when there are too many people in the room.  He doesn’t like a lot of loud conversation and prefers when people keep their voices low, especially when he gets tired.  These moments and days of clarity are surfacing more and more and he gets worn out easily from all of the exertion of his body and brain.

We all just marvel at the great wonder that is Matt Foushee.  Your thoughts and prayers for Matt are being answered.  When this accident first happened no one knew if Matt would survive.  He did!  Everyone hoped and prayed he would regain consciousness.  He did!  No one knew what to expect when he opened his eyes, if he would be able to use his body or talk.  He has shown us all what a strong, resilient human being he is.  Only THE ONE AND ONLY MATT FOUSHEE could perform such amazing feats.  Only a man who has spent years and years conditioning his body doing yoga daily, eating healthy food and surfing as much as possible could sustain and survive the injuries he has.  Only Matt, with such strength, drive and will power could fight his way back to us the way he has.

So much remains to be seen.  No doubt Matt will continue to amaze us.

Matt was told that there were articles published about him on the Surfing Magazine website and Surfline.com.  He was told that he had over 2,000 “likes” on Facebook on his article.  He had no idea how loved he was, no idea how many people care. When he was told about this he grabbed his mouth and tears rolled down his face.  He had no words to express his enormous amount of gratitude for all of the support he is receiving.  The tears in his eyes said it all.  What is very clear is that he feels all of the love coming his way.  This is a very good thing because he needs love and prayers right now as he becomes more aware of his situation and continues with his rehabilitation.

On Monday Matt is to have a “swallow test” to see if he can swallow.  If he does well with this test they may decide to begin the process of removing his Trach tube and this will mean hopefully he will be able to eat and drink very soon!  Let’s all hope for the best with this test so Matt can soon be drinking the smoothie he is longing for and dreaming of.

There has been a lot of activity on Matt’s fund-raiser page.  People from all over the world have been donating money.  People are donating anywhere from $5- $1,000 and every single donation, big and small, is incredibly helpful.  There are people who have never even met Matt who are hearing of his story and taking the time out of their day to send him money and leave encouraging comments. The generosity of friends, family and strangers is so incredible.  Matt and his family are astonished and touched to know how much people care.


Matt has immense appreciation for the people who have visited him.  Please keep in consideration that he gets tired and overstimulated easily. If he needs to rest it is important to allow him to do so by lowering voices, keeping visits short if necessary and even leaving the room for a bit so he can sleep or just collect himself and calm his mind.

Thanks to everyone who is helping Matt by thinking of him and sending prayers and well-wishes.  Thanks to everyone who is helping to spread the word of his story and fund-raising efforts.  Thanks to all the visitors who have come by to show their support.  Matt has some really cool people in his life!  Thanks to all of you Foush Followers!


4 thoughts on “Miracle Matt

  1. I love this post…
    What a special weekend it was visiting with foush

    Thinking of him and his resistance brings tears of happiness to my eyes often!


  2. This post is so beautiful! Josh and I don’t know Matt personally but r good friends with Stephanie and Ryan Aguilar. We have been keeping u in our thoughts and know we will one day meet u! Keep on pushing strong Matt!!!

  3. My brother-in-law Ben is Matt’s uncle, and has kept us apprised of his progress. Even though we have not met Matt, he sounds like a great guy and our prayers for his speedy recovery goes to him.

    Art and Tena Johnson
    Roseville, CA

  4. Matt:

    So happy to hear that you are home from the hospital. Ben and Toni have been keeping us updated on your progress. Our special thoughts and prayers are with you, and keep up the good work.

    Tena and Art Johnson

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