Another big week!

It’s hard to keep up with Matt these days!

He is doing wonderful and this has been another very busy week for him.  He continues to work so hard in all of his various rehab therapies.  He has gained 10 lbs already which is really good news because he had dropped down to about 127 lbs which is much too thin on his almost 6 foot tall, athletic frame.  His face is starting to fill out and he is looking so much more like himself. Things like wearing his own clothes bring a little normalcy back into his life and make him feel so positive and encouraged.  

He is really enjoying being able to eat some food. Pretty much since Matt was given the speaking tube his favorite subject to talk about is FOOD.  Any time someone mentions fish tacos, a burrito or a smoothie he gets so excited and you can see how badly he wants to eat.  Right now he is able to eat foods with a pudding or apple sauce consistency and he is loving every bite.  

Matt with his big sis, Amy.

Matt with his big sis, Amy.

He has had some really awesome news this week, starting with a very important orthopedic appointment on Wednesday.  His doctor was concerned about his skull fracture and it’s close proximity to his spine.  There was concern over the way it was healing and depending on the results of his recent x-rays surgery was a possibility.  This would have been a huge set-back for him.  After the appointment Wednesday afternoon Matt was informed that there were no fractures in his neck and he is healing nicely– NO surgery is necessary! (go ahead…. do your happy dance…. I know I did!)

Matt with "Uncle Charlie and Aunt Patti"

Matt visiting with “Uncle Charlie and Aunt Patti”

Another bit of good news this week is that tomorrow Matt is getting his Trach removed!  He is so excited!  This is really awesome for him because now he can be fitted with a soft neck brace rather than that uncomfortable large rigid one he has endured wearing since the day of his accident. (the rigid brace was equipped with a hole in the front for access to the trach tube) He will wear a soft brace until he strengthens the muscles in his neck.

Matt hangin outside with his best buddy Selway.

Matt hangin outside with his best buddy Selway.

Today Matt said, “I am having one of the best days ever!”  He remains in good spirits (for the most part) and is funny as ever.

Matt continues to receive many positive thoughts and prayers from so many people and they are still so needed.  Matt has a long road ahead of him and needs all the help he can get in any form he can get it!  So keep those thoughts and prayers coming and know that they are being felt and received and appreciated!

A big thanks to everyone who has been sharing Matt’s fund-raising link and making donations.  He and is family are incredibly appreciative and grateful to those who have been willing and able to help.

2 thoughts on “Another big week!

  1. Keep up the good work Matt! You are AWESOME!!!!! Rooting for you all the way!!!!

  2. Been praying for you Matt and will continue to do so until you’re fully recovered. I went to school with Deb and know what a beautiful person she is inside and out. You are going to recover from this and you will live your life knowing you’re blessed with many friends and loved ones.

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