Keep Climbing

Matt's friend Lauren put together this collage of Matt.  It's amazing to see how far he has come.

Matt’s friend Lauren put together this collage of Matt. It’s amazing to see how far he has come.

A lot has happened this week for Matt.  He has done really well at St. Jude and they are almost ready to release him to his next phase of treatment.

Matt at St. Jude

Matt is gaining more independence every day.  He is now considered to be a level 6 on the Rancho Scale, keep climbing up that ladder Matt!

Some very exciting news is that he will be permitted to go home with his mom Debbie for a day this weekend for a trial run to see how he does.  One can imagine what a big deal this must be for both Matt as well as his family.  The plan is for him to be released permanently from the hospital next week. He will live with his mom Debbie as he continues to recover.  The Monday following his release from St. Jude he will begin an intense rehabilitation program during the day at a facility called Winways in Orange.

Right now Matt’s schedule is really busy as they have been loading him up with tons of rehab therapy.  There are small windows of time to visit and he can be pretty wiped out by the evening so it is best to call ahead these days to verify when he is available.

There are some really sweet videos on Matt’s Facebook page of his co-workers sending him well-wishes.  It was so nice of his friends to put that together for him!!/CanyouFeeltheSpirit.YEAH

Matt takes every chance he can get to express his gratitude for all of the support he has been receiving.  Thanks to everyone who has been sending prayers and sharing his story.  Here is a link to Matt’s fund-raising page.

Matt and his dad Fred

Matt hangin with his dad Fred


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