The Camp | Yoga Fund-Raiser 12/18/13

Great news for all you local Foush Followers! There is to be a Fund-Raiser 12/18/13 which was organized by Matt’s friends at his favorite Bikram Yoga studio at The Camp in Costa Mesa. (see Bikram Yoga at The Camp on Facebook) See below for details submitted by Matt’s friend Megan, who is a Bikram Yoga teacher and one of the fund-raiser organizers.  Thanks so much to studio owner Patrice Simon for hosting, to Megan White for organizing and Lauren McCoy for all the help. What an incredibly generous gift of time, money, use of facility and amazing contacts!  All proceeds will be donated to Matt to help pay for his rehabilitation.

Please forward, forward and forward again so we can spread the word to as many people as possible about this awesome fund-raising event.

Here are the details:

All Day- Yoga Fund-Raiser For Matt Foushee- 12/18/13

matt studio promo

Location: Bikram Yoga- The Camp, 2937 Bristol Street Ste A-200, Costa Mesa, CA 92626   714-429-7900

As most of you know, on August 31st, 2013, our dear friend and fellow yogi was hit by a truck in Mexico! He sustained extensive injuries from head to toe! Including a traumatic brain injury which kept him in a coma for a month. Matt is now in a rehabilitation facility where he receives rigorous speech and physical therapy daily. His progress thus far has been astounding! He does as much as he can as soon as he can! Unfortunately, he still has a long way to go, and his insurance does NOT cover MUCH of the rehabilitation therapy he NEEDS!

Therefore, Bikram Yoga The Camp is having an ALL DAY CHALLENGE for Matt! All funds will go towards Matt’s rehabilitation!


Please come and participate! It will be an AMAZING day- full of hot classes, awesome energy, delicious and healthy food, a special auction, and more to come! You do NOT have to participate in the challenge to donate. You can visit Matt’s Fundraising Page at:


The fact that Matt not only sustained such a devastating accident- but is STILL FIGHTING his way back- is a TRUE MIRACLE!!! And- the power of people coming together- can create miracles! So lets come together and do our part to help Matt in his recovery- he is most definitely doing his part!!!

“You never know how strong you are- until being strong is the only choice you have”

Let’s all test our strength- In honor of Matt!


One thought on “The Camp | Yoga Fund-Raiser 12/18/13

  1. Wow! So cool.. Ill be there to “Get My Stretch On” as Matt would say!

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