Thanksgiving is upon us and this is the perfect time to reflect on some of the things Matt and his family are grateful for and thankful for this year.

There is this:

Matt is ALIVE and doing so well! Thanks for being such a fighter Matt!

Matt is ALIVE and doing so well! Thanks for being such a fighter Matt!

It is important for everyone to know how much they are appreciated.  Every person who has read this blog, every person who has kept Matt and his family in their thoughts and prayers, those who have donated time and money and helped spread the word of Matt’s story, THANK YOU.  And thank you to the friends and family who stayed by Matt’s side when he was at his worst, holding his hands, rubbing his feet, caressing his arms, and even restraining him when he was trying to rip his trach out and yank his neck brace off.  Each one of you have been such an important part of his recovery.  Matt is beyond thankful.  Matt’s family is beyond thankful.

There are several people who have been at the heart of Matt’s cheerleading team.  We will begin with Matt’s mom Debbie.  Matt talks non-stop about how thankful he is to have her.  She has rarely left his side since his accident and has provided him with a level of support that only a mom can.  Debbie Foushee, Matt is a lucky man to have you as his mom. The unwavering dedication to your son has been a vital key to his astounding recovery process.

Matt’s siblings.  Russ, Amy and Ashlee.  All three have taken time away from their busy families, with small children, driven many miles and spent countless hours at Matt’s side. Russ, Amy and Ashlee, Matt is so thankful to you three, he knows how much you all have worried about him and how you’ve been there supporting him.

Fred Foushee, Matt’s dad has been very supportive and in the tough position of living out-of-state.  Matt has looked forward to and really enjoyed his visits and phone conversations with his dad.  Fred’s hiking buddies have all been incredibly supportive as well.

The kindness of strangers has also been remarkable. So many have reached out asking what they can do, offering prayers, and donating money.  Matt’s friend Lauren McCoy has brought several strangers to the picture who have gone far above and beyond.

Tito Ortiz, world-famous MMA fighter and a friend of Lauren’s, has been a fan and supporter of Matt during this time.  Tito has taken time away from his very busy schedule to sign posters for Matt with encouraging words, he called Matt in the hospital and even made Matt a video.  Tito- who is one bad ‘A’ fighter and athlete said that Matt was an inspiration to him.  His words and support have made a huge impression on Matt and really helped him through some of the toughest moments he will ever face.

Dustin Penner hockey player from the Anaheim Ducks has also taken the time to autograph and write a personal message on a poster for Matt. Dustin always asks about him and has offered a great deal of support and has some hockey tickets waiting for Matt when he is ready.

RVCA clothing (a totally awesome clothing brand that Matt happens to love!) has also been a huge supporter.  Matt’s friend Lauren showed up at the hospital with a supply of clothing the owner donated to him as soon as he heard about his story.  This was such an uplifting and generous gift.  Thank you RVCA!

A nurse at Matt’s second hospital is friends with WCT Dream Tour pro-surfer Brett Simpson.  She told Brett Matt’s story and he also gave him an autographed poster.

Matt’s friend Lauren McCoy has offered a great deal of time and energy to Matt and his recovery, often spending the night at the hospital at his side as well as providing emotional support to his family.  Matt’s friend Megan White has also been a support to Matt and his family spending nights at his bedside, helping promote his fund-raising page to many news outlets such as surfline, surfing magazine and others, and organizing a yoga fund-raiser for him. A big thank you to Nancy Nguyen as well for all of her time, dedication and friendship to Matt.  Nancy provides Matt with a strong sense of comfort and she has been incredibly generous with her time.

Thanks to:

Patrice who owns Matt’s favorite Bikram Yoga studio. Dr. Meister who connected the Foushee’s to Dr. Wheeler- the oral surgeon who went waaaay above and beyond for Matt and did an amazing job. Carrie and Shawna and Paul, thank you!  Thanks to the entire Selway family, and the Aguilar family.  Ryan Selway and Ryan Aguilar, your friendship and deep connection to Matt has seen him through some dark days; he is thankful for you two.  The Bolen family (Dawn you’ve been an incredible support to Debbie!), Pops and Olga, Uncle Ben and Toni and Toni’s family.

There are so many to thank, so many who have offered and continue to offer love, support, prayer, and friendship to all of the Foushee’s.

Last but most certainly not least, thank you to Matt.  You have been an inspiration to countless people.  Thanks for being so strong, for being such a fighter, for taking this second chance at life.  We need you in our lives, Matt, you are here for a reason.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!  The Foushee Family is thankful for you!

(p.s. I am posting this from out of the country and we are having computer issues at our location so none of the great pictures I have of Matt with many of the above mentioned people can be added to this post. Sorry!  I will add them when I return!)


One thought on “Thankful

  1. I would also like to Thank Nancy who has been there with Matt and me every day. She has been such a huge help to me with Matt. And also thank Steph Aguilar for everything she has done for Matt & myself and for keeping up blog for Matt. She has done such a great job.
    Thank you very much! Love you all!

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