Matt continues to move onward in his recovery with an unstoppable forward momentum.

Matt has spent the past several months attending Winways (a special facility for individuals with brain injuries) for rehabilitation and has made some astounding progress and he continues to attend one day per week.  At Winways he works on speech, occupational and physical therapy and has progressed in leaps and bounds.  Over the past few months Matt moved from a walker to a quad cane to a standard cane and can now walk unassisted with his standard cane.  He even recently began swimming preparing himself for his goal of getting on a surf board this summer.  He says getting in the pool and moving around in the water feels amazing.

Last month Matt, along with many of you Foush Followers, attended Coastline College’s 8th Annual Walk for Brain Injury Awareness to raise money for the specialized program they have available for people with brain injuries just like Matt.  Matt set and attained the goal of completing the walk and was able to finish on his own with his friends and family surrounded him, cheering him on.  As he approached the finish line supported by his girlfriend Nancy, he released her hand and in a very emotional moment took the final steps across the finish line walking without any assistance.  It was such a beautiful moment.  Nacy’s brother Vu had beautiful custom shirts made for everyone on Matt’s team which read “The Foush Followers” on the front.

finish line walk

Matt is pictured here with girlfriend Nancy as he releases her hand to walk through the finish line on his own.


finish line front view

Here he goes, walking across the finish line. Could you possibly be any more amazing Matt?

matt and nancy

Having just started school at Coastline College Matt describes the opportunity to attend as a second chance.

Look at Matt go- pictured here on his first day of school.

Look at Matt go- pictured here on his first day of school.

Matt is now beginning his second week of school.  He said, “The first week I was really wiped out but now I think I’m getting used to it.  This is my next step in recovery.  My school overlooks the ocean and I feel so at home, I know I’m taking a step in the right direction. This is the perfect place for me right now.”

Matt is taking several classes at Coastline College;  Psycho-Social for one hour, Computers for one hour,  and Cognitive for two hours.  He also takes a smart device class on Thursdays where he is learning to use his i-pad.  His schedule is quite busy between school, swimming at the gym and continued therapy at Winways on Fridays.

Recently I was able to have dinner with Matt and he constantly laughed and joked and in-between shoveling enormous amounts of food into his mouth he grinned from ear to ear with that contagious smile of his.  I remember telling Matt that he looked good, that he looked happy, I mean really happy.  He replied:

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life.   Some people see what happened to me as a tragedy but I see it as a blessing. Physically I have a long way to go but mentally I am a much stronger person since the accident.”

Then we both cried.  Then we laughed.  Then cried a little more.

ability to heal


Matt’s fund-raising page can be viewed here:



One thought on “Unstoppable

  1. Oh so happy to hear from you Matt,

    You look wonderful. We shared your web site with Jeff & Sue Shears. They did not know about the accident.
    Hope Brent has stayed in touch with you.

    Tiffany said to tell you hello. She is proud that you have gone back to college. I don’t think you knew her husband Matt Coyne. They have been married 10 years.
    We love having them so close to us in Foothill Ranch with five year old Charlie & two year old Vivienne.

    Hope to meet Nancy & see you one of these days.
    Next time there is a fund raiser walk, we would really like to join you.
    Just let us know.

    Keeping you in our prayers,
    Polito Family
    Tom, Judy, Tiff & her family

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