Surfin Foush

“Foush” as his friends lovingly call him is a ripping surfer, a talented yogi and the best friend and family member a person could ever ask for. With his chiseled chin, sparkling eyes and contagious smile, Matt wins over the hearts of everyone he meets with both his good looks and charm. If you want to joke and be goofy, Matt is your guy. If you want to have the deepest conversation of your life, Matt is your guy. Matt is intense, quirky, talented, independent and has a way of making everyone who crosses his path fall in love with him.

Yoga Matt- 02

Yoga Matt- 01


3 thoughts on “Matt

  1. Some may not know the Matt I know and have seen what I have seen Matt do with his body, we practice Bikram yoga together, its because of Matt that I even went to hot yoga and now I have a beloved practice for 9 years now, all because of Matts influence and encouragement. He is the most amazing Yogi in the room, his posses are epic, I wish he was photographed doing them so you all could see what I have seen him do. I will practice with him again one day!
    Somer Selway

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I stumbled upon Matts story and this has truly given me hope as our sweet Rosalie is still in a coma (day 17). Prayers are with you. Rosie was in a car accident with 3 other being my son Kris… in Richmond, VA. continue please with updates as we are watching and given inspiration. God bless you Matt and loved ones!

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